The BASICS project has produced a manual comprised of a book and DVD materials.

The book is available to download in five languages: English, Polish, Icelandic, Turkish, and Hungarian.

For a free printed copy of the book including the DVD, please contact one of the partners.

Selected materials from the DVD are also available through our interactive E-Learning Platform, or for viewing on Vimeo.
Some comments from users:

"This publication gives a complete and accurate overview of what Bibliodrama is, as well as a deep insight for those who wish to know its objectives, its prerequisites, its methodology and its benefits."

"I have appreciated very much the Use Case Scenarios and enjoyed the professional and clear presentation of the subject. The bibliography is exhaustive."

"The publication is extremely useful, as it makes a ready guide to the Bibliodrama for anyone who wants to learn it. The descriptions of the activities are clear and easy to follow"